Hello 2017!

A new year comes around and I’m inspired. I’m very grateful for the people and experiences I’ve had in my life.  My  two biggest goals for 2017 are to make my nosh cookbook a reality and to be more present with people.

I’ve been working on perfecting and testing my recipes, and creating new ones for my cookbook. All in all I’ve been working on my cookbook for the last five years. Culinary school taught me so much and had upped my game with cooking. I experienced a lot and made a lot of friends on my journey. Food connects us all and I’m going to put my heart into this cookbook.

Life goes by so fast and I get so busy sometimes I forget to slow down and realize how important little moments are. A dear friend has a sign in her house that reads “Slow down happiness is trying to catch up with you.” This really struck me and helped me reflect on how I spend my time. It made me see a whole new way to experience life.

Real experiences with people and moments can really be grounding. Slowing down is not easy for me, I have realized the older I get the more important people are and the less I care about material possessions and spending money.  Time is the most valuable thing we have in our lives, and this year I hope to make the most of it!

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