Freezer Staple: Lemons and Citrus Fruit

Freezer Staple: Lemons and Citrus Fruit

Good morning! I’ve always been a fan of having fresh lemons to add to my water, or green tea. I like to buy a bag of them instead of just a few. This way I can have them longer, and add them into my cooking as well.

Some weeks though I don’t always go through them all before they start to go bad. I usually look up a recipe that will use a lot of lemons say in a pasta dish, using lemon zest to brighten up a dish, or I’ll make fresh lemon juice and add it to sparkling water.

Anytime you want to add it to infuse your water or add to a dish, just life a few slices out and toss them in. They thaw in minutes and you’re ready to start the day!

Note: Use this tip with any citrus, limes, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines…



1 bag of lemons, or any citrus fruits you have on hand

parchment paper

baking sheet


Wash the fruit, and cut into thin slices. Using a baking sheet cover it with parchment paper and spread the  slices into a single layer. Freeze for 1 hour. Then once the fruit is individually frozen you can bag them or toss in a container and keep in the freezer for quick access.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you made this recipe tag me @noshchefjulie on Twitter and Instagram!



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