I love making simple salads. This lovely salad has crispy romaine lettuce, shredded red cabbage, fresh kiwi, and sweet cherries. Top with your favorite dressing!

summer salad with kiwi, red cabbage, and cherries
summer salad with kiwi, red cabbage, and cherries

Yield: 1 small salad


1 cup romaine lettuce

1/3 cup shredded red cabbage

1 kiwi

6 black cherries

1/2 tbsp. sesame seeds

1 tbsp. olive oil

1/2 lemon

1/2 roma tomato


Wash all produce, and pat dry. Chop the romaine lettuce, and cut the cabbage into very thin slices. Peel the kiwi and slice thin. Cut the tomato into thin slices. Cut the cherries in half around the pit, and remove the pit.

In a medium bowl toss the romaine and red cabbage together. On top add the tomato and kiwi slices. Drizzle the olive oil, squeeze the lemon over the salad, and top with sesame seeds. Mix and enjoy!

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