Vegan Take Out: Pan Fried Tofu with Creamy Peanut Sauce and Udon Noodles

This peanut sauce is a little sweet and a little spicy, it’s so delicious over tofu and thick udon noodles. It’s become my new at home dinner when I’m craving take-out. Its healthy, protein packed, and full of flavor.

Vegan note: Substitute the honey and use agave, maple syrup, or molasses.

Yield: 3 servings


1 lb. udon noodles

2 tbsp. sesame oil

1 inch fresh ginger

1 garlic clove

½ cup peanut butter

1 tsp. rice wine vinegar

¾ tsp. crushed red pepper (optional)

¼ cup warm water

1 cucumber

6 scallions

½ cup bean sprouts

2 tsp. agave

2 tbsp. canola oil

2 tbsp. pine nuts, cashews, or walnuts

½ block pressed extra-firm tofu


Heat a small pot of water to a boil and cook the udon; per directions. Drain and run cold water over to cool the noodles. Drain noodles, set aside in a medium bowl, and toss with sesame oil.

Wash all produce. Dice the cucumber, peel and mince the garlic and ginger, and thinly slice the scallions. Press the tofu and pat dry with clean paper towels.

For the sauce:

In a small processor or blender add the garlic, ginger, peanut butter, crushed red pepper, agave, rice wine vinegar, and water. Mix on high. If the sauce is still too thick add warm water in small amounts and blend until smooth consistency is reached.

In a small pan, heat the canola oil. Take the tofu block and slice into thin strips. Pan fry on each side until golden in color.

To serve, layer the udon noodles in a bowl, add the tofu, bean sprouts, cucumber, scallions, nuts, and top with peanut sauce and enjoy!

Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you made this recipe tag me @noshchefjulie on Twitter and Instagram!

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