Making your own cereal mix is cheaper and healthier because its less processed. I buy a few bags of my favorites and mix them all together.  It lasts for months and you can top with fresh fruits, raisins, or cinnamon and make it your own.  When I have this for breakfast,  I like to add sliced bananas on top with yellow raisins and lots of cinnamon. Serve with your favorite milks, flax, almond, or coconut, and enjoy.


1 bag millet

1 box plain shredded wheat

1 bag puffed rice

Garnish: add as much as you like for these toppings


banana, sliced

yellow raisins


cereal blend
cereal blend

I mix this in two batches. Take a large bowl and add half of each ingredient together and mix well. Repeat until all cereal is mixed well and keep in a plastic storage container or gallon size Ziploc bags. This lasts for months.

Serve 1 cup portion with raisins, banana, and cinnamon on top with your favorite milk and enjoy.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and Happy cooking!

xoxo- Julie