Looking forward to 2019!

Looking forward to 2019!

This week between Christmas and New year’s is always a time for reflection… and it’s also a time to celebrate.  2019 will be my 3rd year since I started and created this blog.

The end of this month also marks my first month of minimizing my wardrobe without spending any money on new clothes. In the beginning of December I decide to try a capsule wardrobe.  That surprisingly wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be in the beginning. It was challenging the first week or so I felt limited, after I got use to what I chose to keep it made my days so much easier without worrying about what I was wearing. It saved me time and frustration and made getting ready a breeze. I’m planning on dropping my number from 50 to 30 pieces and see how that goes for January.

I’m hopeful in this coming year and have many goals I want to keep up with and work towards in 2019:

*To try to reduce my waste, recycle, mend, and up cycle when I can.

*Eat healthier and move my body more, to listen to my intuition and do what feels right.

*To use less plastic by using my own shopping bags, using smaller cotton bags when getting food from bulk bins and produce, and being more conscious of what I bring home and have a smaller footprint overall.

*To be more conservative with saving money by going on a spending freeze and not buying new clothes all year, borrowing things from family or friends instead of shopping, and doing more free activities like hiking, blogging, writing, cooking in, reading more books and getting movies from the library, puzzles, taking walks,

*Publishing a second cookbook.

*Making my own beauty and cleaning products like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, lotion, etc. and living greener.

*Being present with people more, and living in the moment right now….not worrying about the future or hiding in the past. To be grateful for right now.

*Sharing my compassion and kindness, and to embrace myself as I am and being true to myself.

This time of reflection is so humbling and I am grateful for every moment. We are all connected in this little universe…..how will you be great this next year…..what are you looking forward to the most in 2019?

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