Raw Vegan Diet: Overview Weeks 1 and 2

Good morning everyone! I’m into my second week of eating raw and I wanted to share my discoveries and insights.  I’ve been eating vegan since September 2018 and recently I’ve been more curious about raw foods and what that really means. So I wanted to give it a try. I didn’t want to call this a challenge, because health and diet is a lifestyle.  I felt like it was more of an opportunity to see how my mind, body, and spirit will change, and I was excited to discover what lies ahead.

I picked up some raw food books from my library like The Fully Raw Diet  from Kristina, and Ani’s Raw Food Essentials by Ani Phyo. I also watched a lot of videos on raw foodists on YouTube from Raw Food Romance by Lissa. All of these gave me great information and ways to start a raw diet. I was mostly curious about detoxing my body, and feeling the benefits of eating clean, raw, whole foods.

Since I was already eating a vegan diet this meant giving up breads, grains, beans, rice, and  the occasional vegan junk foods. I wasn’t ready to try sprouting grains and beans just yet, so I stuck with fruits and vegetables for now.

I started a journal to write how I was feeling through this process and look back on what worked, and what didn’t.

I also started tracking my nutrition on http://www.myfitnesspal.com . Using this daily has helped me to see what is in the foods I’m eating, what my macros are, and understanding my food choices better. It breaks down your food so you can see how much your consuming, how many calories you have left, if you made your goals, and so much more.

I started with trying the macro ratio of 80/10/10 carbs/protein/fat.

Real breakdown of where I am today: I’m 38 years old, 5’1”, my current weight is 130 lbs. I’m  barely in the normal range for my body mass index, somewhat active, but on the cusp of being overweight. I’m trying to be patient with my body as it goes through the process of healing itself and I know it will take time. I’m positive I’m heading in the right direction.

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Week 1: I was still drinking coffee, just a cup in the morning and switched to 50% caffeine free the second day until my second week I went caffeine free.  By the end of the week from eating more fruits and veggies, I didn’t even want the coffee. I started drinking hot herbal teas and lots of water throughout my days.  I only noticed slight headaches in the first couple of days I switched.

The first few days I had the raw til 4 idea where you eat raw all day and have a cooked meal in the evening.  Because I was in transition I wanted to start slow and see how my body reacted or felt after eating raw versus cooked foods.

When I did eat cooked foods  I became bloated, less motivated, and more tired. It was really eye-opening to see how my body was reacting to raw versus cooked. I slept worse, and had less energy the next morning. I’ve been eating this way for so long, it opened my eyes to what my body is really craving and how more efficiently it runs on a raw diet.

My mornings consisted of lemon or lime water, and a big smoothie.  I ate lots of fresh fruit like strawberries, oranges, pineapple, and bananas for snacks throughout the day. I researched raw recipes and wrote down favorites to try, which also helped motivate me.

By the end of the week I was totally raw and started to feel better than ever. In the first few days I noticed a little more energy,  more clarity, and less brain fog. I was starting to sleep better by week two, and had less stomach issues. I have to say in the first week it was a total shift in my thinking from what I buy at the grocery store and how I prepare my meals. Eating raw saves so much time, and less dishes which I love because I don’t have a dishwasher, and sometimes I get lazy on doing them.







Week 2: I’m eating way more bananas than I ever thought I would.  Normally a bunch of bananas would last maybe a week, if I ever got through them all and had to freeze them before going bad. Now I’m eating a bunch everyday. It’s so important to make sure you are eating enough fruits and vegetables to meet your needs. It takes a lot of food to hit your numbers. I’m currently 1600 cal + and still eating 80/10/10 macros. My fiber and vitamin c daily amounts are through the roof, and I never felt better.

I still have smoothies for breakfast, but now they contain almost 600 calories, mostly from bananas and dates. I have fresh fruit, whatever is on sale or in season, a huge salad or spiraled veggies with a simple sauce for dinner, or veggie lettuce cups and a little avocado.

In the second week I’m caffeine free, I sleep like a dream, and have so much energy than ever before. I’m less bloated, and have less gas also. In the first week it was a lot, when you eat more fiber your body is cleaning itself out and repairing the damage so you’ll experience more gas, bloating, and possible headaches in the beginning and that’s okay! Trust the process and let your body heal, drink lots of water, do some self-care, and you’ll feel better in no time!

Tracking my food online and researching and connecting with other raw foodists has taught me a lot already. I’m still learning a lot and I’m even more excited to see how my body changes and how I’m feeling after a month of eating raw.

As of today I’m on day 10 of going raw, and this morning I woke up with more energy than I’ve had since, I can’t even remember the last time.  I’m starting to notice less joint pain in my hips, knees, and ankles They feel more fluid and less tight. I work in a bakery and I’m running on my feet all day (I get 12,000+ steps in a shift from my fit bit tracker) I’ve also noticed a 3 lb. drop since I started, and my hair has more shine too. I also feel more present and mindful. Before I took in moments throughout the days and now its all day, always present, and I don’t worry anymore either. Which may just be a recent change for me and not diet related, but I’m feeling more free than I ever have before. I never imagined this kind of well-being, and I’m curious to see where this will take me. I’ll update my progress in a couple of weeks when I’ve been raw for a month and update my progress!

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Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you’re trying a raw food diet also, connect with me on Instagram and Twitter under @noshchefjulie


6 thoughts on “Raw Vegan Diet: Overview Weeks 1 and 2

  1. Thank you! The complex carbs in fruits and vegetables are good for you, it’s the simple ones refined and processed foods like donuts etc. that are the bad ones. I’m eating more complex carbs from fruit and veggies and I feel better than I have in a long time. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. It sounds intriguing, Julie. I haven’t done much reading about this kind of diet, but I wonder if you have learned about any concerns about such a high carb ratio, especially in light of the recent recommendations to limit carbs ( I know that not all carbs are created equal).
    Thank you!

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