Good morning! These lettuce cups are full of color and crunch.With less than 5 ingredients it’s ready in just a few minutes! Full of red cabbage, celery, and your favorite salsa to top it all off. Feel free to add extra veggies, or nuts and seeds for good fats.  I love to have this as a snack, if I need more calories I’ll add in some healthy fats like avocado and top them off with sweet corn.

Yield:  2 servings


1/2 head of romaine, or butter lettuce

1 cup red cabbage

4 celery stalks

salsa of choice




Wash all produce and pat dry.

Chop the celery and the cabbage into 1 inch chunks, and add to your food processor. Pulse or run on low until the mixture is broken down into small pieces, and still chunky in texture.

If using romaine, slice the leaves in half and use the top halves. Save the bottoms for a future salad or smoothie.  If using butter lettuce, simply tear off the leaves.

Fill each lettuce cup with the cabbage celery mix and top with your favorite salsa.

I also added some Italian peppers on top of mine. Add your favorites to the mix and enjoy.

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