Good afternoon everyone.  I have always been a frugal girl ever since I can remember, so  I’m going to start posting more money tips on this blog. Starting with my best grocery store tips! Below I have listed my top 15 tips that will save you time and money!

Grocery shopping is one thing in our budgets we can control how much we spend. A lot of people have a hard time budgeting/ meal planning and think it takes too much time.  I’m here to help from my personal experience of living below my means and so can you.

I know it can be scary handling or even looking at your finances, but  I can honestly tell you the little bit of extra time to meal plan and prep it out will help your health, and your wallet become a little fatter at the same time. If you’re trying or working on paying down debt, meal planning can really make a difference!

Here’s my top 15  tips for shopping at the grocery store:

  1. Shop the perimeter of the store and avoid all the processed and packages foods.
  2. buy in bulk
  3. bring your own bags, some stores give you $ credit for using them
  4. buy produce that is in season and look for whatever is the cheapest/ on sale
  5. make your own oat milk, nut butters, condiments, cleaners, and detergents at home.
  6. drink water, your body will thank you…..and on that note use a reusable water bottle. Don’t waste your money on bottled water. I take my bottle everywhere I go, and water filter devices for your sink or pitchers will save you hundreds. They are much less expensive and buying cases of water, and there’s no plastic pollution from all the bottles.
  7. Buy whole foods, peel, chop, and portion out your fruits and vegetables at home.
  8. Shop generic, you’ll always save money over the big brands, and most of the time you won’t even taste the difference.
  9. Look at the items on the top or bottom shelves….anything in the middle is usually more expensive.
  10.  Start looking at the unit prices for each item. Sometimes with sales the biggest option isn’t always the cheapest. You want to get the most product for the least amount of money.
  11. when buying bagged produce by weight, like say 5 pounds of apples for $2.99 count the number of apples in the bag. Since it’s by weight the total amount can vary. I always count how many are in the bag, and I can usually find one with 1 or 2 more apples in the bag. When you’re stretching every dollar even this can make a difference.
  12. use the produce scales so you can see exactly how much you can get for 1 lb. of produce.
  13. in the bakery department there is usually a section of discounted breads and desserts, I always look for good breads on sale, I can use and freeze them for later use.  You to make french toast, breadcrumbs, or croutons from stale/ day old bread.
  14. Good staples to always have on hand are rice, beans, grains, pasta, and potatoes. You can make endless recipes with them for pennies per serving.
  15. Meal planning can save you hundreds over the month/year!  Shop your pantry first, look at the store flyers and plan your meals based on what is in your pantry and what is on sale. Make a list of what you need and stick to it. This will save you time, waste less food, and you’ll have more money in your pocket.

What are some of your grocery tips? Comment below and share your advice. You can also connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest under @noshchefjulie