Back to my Vegetarian Roots

I feel like should post this for many reasons.

This blog has been my heart, and has been going strong for a little over three years.  I have updated many posts and recipes. In the beginning it was more vegetarian, and in the last year I have changed it all to vegan. In the last couple of weeks I have gone through some hard personal issues and it affects my diet and mental health also.

I have tried to be vegan twice on my life….once was about six years ago for eight months, and then my mother passed. So I went back to vegetarian eating.  Now after seven months I’m coming back to the same issues. My body hasn’t been feeling right lately, and I feel out of balance. It’s been really hard adjusting for me on this diet. I feel its too extreme for my own personal health to restrict it so much and be 100% vegan. Yes I still feel for the environment and the animals, I’m trying to make the best choices for myself while lowering my footprint and consume less of dairy and meat overall.

Honestly I have been following a vegetarian diet for the past six years. I still don’t eat meat, cheese, or milk, but only now I have added in eggs and some fish so it’s more pescatarian as of late.

The first time I was vegan about six years ago. I became really anemic,  I had bruises all over, and it’s starting to  happen again. I take supplements, but I still don’t feel as balanced as I was before. I’m also having issues getting enough protein and enough calories in my day without using protein powder in smoothies. I want to eat healthy and more naturally without processed sources. From previous blood work I’ve also had issues with protein deficiency, iron, vitamin d, some b vitamins, and other deficiencies in my body.  I recently had some DNA testing and anemia is a trait that actually runs in my family. So it’s harder for me to absorb certain nutrients. I have a physical coming up in a couple of months and will have blood work done also to see my results and will update my findings. It’s been hard to adjust back, but I have to do what is right for me.

So as of right now I’m trying to figure out what is right for myself and my body. I want to cook and eat healthy without feeling guilty about it. I will keep moving forward on this journey and continue to post recipes and updates on my blog. I will still provide healthy   vegan and raw vegan recipes along with some vegetarian and pescatarian recipes also.

I hope you will continue to join me as I work towards a healthier lifestyle for my own personal and mental health going forward.





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