Interview with Thriller and Mystery Author Joseph Lewis

  • Let us know a little about yourself and how we can connect with you via website, blog, books, and social media sites. 
  • After having been in education for forty-four years as a teacher, coach, counselor and administrator, Joseph Lewis is retiring on July 1st. He uses his psychology and counseling background in crafting psychological thriller/mysteries. He has taken creative writing and screen writing courses at UCLA and USC. Lewis has published six books, all available on Amazon and each to excellent reviews:
  •  Taking Lives (August 2014) the prequel to the Lives Trilogy; 
  • Stolen Lives (November 2014) Book One of the Lives Trilogy; 
  • Shattered Lives (March 2015) Book Two of the Trilogy; and 
  • Splintered Lives (November 2015) Book Three of the Trilogy each from True Visions Publications;
  •  Caught in a Web (April 2018) from Black Rose Writing, which was a PenCraft Literary Award Winner for Crime Fiction and named “One of the Best Crime Fiction Thrillers of 2018!” by Best Thrillers; 
  • Spiral Into Darkness (January 2019) from Black Rose Writing, which was named a Recommended Read by Author’s Favorites. His newest, Betrayed will debut November 2020, also from Black Rose Writing. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Lewis has been happily married to his wife, Kim. Together they have three wonderful children: Wil (deceased July 2014), Hannah, and Emily, and they now reside in Virginia.
  • Social Media ContactTwitter at @jrlewisauthor
  • Facebook at:
  • Amazon at: /
  •  Blog at:
  • What is the name of your blog or book and how did you get started? My blog is Simple Thoughts From A Complicated Mind, Sort Of . . . it is an inspirational blog to bring hope and help folks consider choices and decisions, attitudes and beliefs. I began, I think, in 2013 or so. 
  • What is your favorite food? I would kill for cookies and donuts. Oh, but I suspect you want “real” food. Hmm, anything Italian, but I make a great chili. 
  • What foods do you crave all the time? Cookies. All kinds.
  • What is your favorite thing about being a blogger, writer, or author? To be able to connect with readers. I have wonderful conversations at book sales and signings with readers. I get nice comments on my blog- not so much in the comment section as I do on the Facebook pages or through email.
  • What advice do you have for new writers just starting out? Don’t quit reading. To me, reading is to writing as weight training is to athletics. You can’t do one well without the other. Secondly, develop a thick skin because not everyone will like or love what you write.
  • What do you like to do for fun? I love being with my family. I love movies and music.
  • What helps you to stay motivated and keep writing? The urge. I know that sounds trite, but I enjoy sitting at the keyboard and creating something from nothing.
  • How do you attract new readers? Right now, word of mouth seems to be going well. I’ve developed a small but rabid readership. I use groups in Facebook and Twitter.
  • What has influenced you the most as a writer? This is a good question. I think my life experiences. I think my job as a high school administrator and former counselor gives me insight into my adolescent characters. I read in the same genre I write: psychological thriller/mystery. I learn and have learned much from Patterson, Sandford, and Baldacci.
  • What is something about yourself most people don’t know? I am actually reserved. I force myself to be outgoing. A second thing that I’ve been doing for years is at my high school’s commencement ceremony, instead of giving a principal address, I select a song that means something to me or one that “fits” the class and sing it to them. It becomes their song. Long after the ceremony and for many years after, they remember “their” song.
  • What kind of music do you like to listen to? I grew up on Top 40, moved to Rock n Roll, but currently Modern Country. I am eclectic.
  • Who are your top three favorite authors? Patterson, Sandford, Baldacci, CJ Box.
  • Do you have any blogs or books you can recommend? For the writer, the book on dialogue – Shut Up, He Explained. It is my go to Bible. Stephen King’s On Writing is excellent.
  • What is your favorite movie that was based off a book? Kiss The Girls or Along Came A Spider (both Patterson books)
  • What projects are you working on right now? I have a new book, Betrayed, that comes out 11-12-20, and while I write, I’m currently writing a follow up tentatively titled Blaze In, Blaze Out. Both are in the psychological thriller/mystery genre.

Thank you Joseph for such a great interview!

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