About Me

Welcome to Nosh! I have a passion for food, cooking, and making new recipes to share with all of you! Simple and Casual is my middle name. I love to make recipes easy and use everyday ingredients you don’t need to go to a fancy store for. My recipes are fun, easy, and not to mention delicious! I only post my favorites right here on this blog.  
I grew up in colorful Colorado and still call it home. I love reading anything with fantasy, magic, quests, and dragons. Some hobbies include traveling and I love taking road trips! Yoga, hiking, painting, visiting art museums, libraries, and making new recipes. Currently I am also learning to become more self sufficient and making things from scratch and learning more on homestead living. 
My passion is all about food, and helping you discover how simple making healthy meals can be! I fueled my desire to learn and cook and decided to go back to school in 2014. Proud to say I graduated from Johnson and Wales University in Denver in 2016 and have a degree in Culinary Arts!
Over the past two years I have self-published two books:
My first cookbook, Nosh with Chef Julie: 50 Personal Recipes for the Everyday with 10 Ingredients or Less! was published December of 2017.
And my second book, Nosh with Chef Julie: Vegan Journal: Daily entries and tips for going vegan from the beginning with self-care, food logs, and reflections. was recently published and is to inspire new vegans on the path to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.
This blog is all about having fun in the kitchen, living and cooking healthy while on a budget. Home cooked meals, and the importance of self care are at the core of this blog and my life. Living simply, reducing my footprint, and becoming more self sufficient  are my main goals. I’m saving up for my own homestead and hope to make that dream come true. 
Search through the categories for  cooking inspiration, browse through the recipe archives, and nosh to your heart’s content!