Nosh with Chef Julie

On a Raw Vegan Journey, sharing my experiences and recipes along the way……Eat the Rainbow!

Nosh with Chef Julie Books

  Nosh With Chef Julie: Vegan Journal Now Available on Amazon!

 Daily entries and tips for going vegan from the beginning with self-care, food logs, and reflections.

This is a new self-help guided journal to discover what veganism is from the beginning. There are blank pages to write through your own personal journey and keep track  for the first 30 days and beyond with food logs, and chapters including: going vegan, self-care, journal entries, and reflections.




Nosh with Chef Julie: 50 Personal Recipes for the Everyday with 10 Ingredients or Less! Pick up a copy here on Amazon!

Take Nosh home with you today and make healthy food and new memories to share with those you love! 50 recipes all 10 ingredients or less. Easy to follow instructions and simple ingredients that keep your budget in check and your taste buds happy. Full of mostly vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes.

Reviews from Amazon:

 *****Recipes are simple and delicious! Minimal prep and easy to follow instruction for creating healthful meals that are very cost effective also

!*****Wonderful variety of amazing recipes, from an even more amazing chef!!!

Reviews from Goodreads:

*****” What a great collection of recipes! I can’t wait to get started! Easy to follow directions, with easy ingredients and good suggestions for alternating too. Wonderful!

Publications:Author Interview Interview on Awesome Gang 1/15/18.

Verified Goodreads Author  Author page on Goodreads 1/14/18.

Verified Amazon Author  Author page on Amazon 1/12/18.

Author Interview Author Interview on Book Goodies 2/10/2018.

Available now from the links below:

Available on Amazon!

Barnes and Noble

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