Baked Spaghetti with Italian Sausage

Pasta is definitely a favorite of mine and this dish is a simple comfort at it's best. Just a few ingredients and dinner is done! Note: For a vegan version try using ground tempeh, or vegan beef crumbles, found at some supermarkets. Or add veggies like squash or mushrooms instead. Yield: 6-8 servings Ingredients:  1 … Continue reading Baked Spaghetti with Italian Sausage

Banana Bread Muffins with Sprinkles

Sprinkles make everything better! I love the little pops of color and these muffins are so moist and delicious! I used almond extract and a sugar substitute splenda so this recipe is 99% sugar free except for the sprinkles! Yield: 16 muffins Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour 2 eggs -room temperature 4 frozen … Continue reading Banana Bread Muffins with Sprinkles

Chicken Teriyaki Pizza

I loved making this pizza! Grilled chicken, sweet teriyaki, with bites of fresh good! My diet is mainly dairy-free so I didn't add cheese to my pizza, so feel free to add any kind you like for your own! Ingredients: 1 ready-made pizza crust dough 1 chicken breast, sliced thin (I used pre cooked grilled … Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki Pizza

Vegan Baked Enchilada Casserole

This lovely casserole is so simple and less than ten ingredients, its simple and so delicious. Layers of corn tortillas, refried beans, enchilada sauce, diced tomatoes, corn, and fresh cilantro will make smiles all around the table. In this recipe I made it vegan, feel free to make this your own and add extras like … Continue reading Vegan Baked Enchilada Casserole

Tuna Cauliflower Casserole

This is a great low carbohydrate option, full of vegetables, and using cauliflower instead of pasta makes this dish a light, healthy alternative. Yield: 4-6 servings Ingredients: 2 stalks of celery 1 cup of fresh spinach 1 x 12 ounce can of tuna, drained 1/2 cup peas cooking spray, or 1 tbsp. butter 2 tbsp. … Continue reading Tuna Cauliflower Casserole

Ham and Broccoli Quiche

This quiche is perfect for brunch, and even for dinner. While its baking, the ham sits all along the bottom and all the fresh veggies rise to the top, leaving the middle a creamy egg delight that is to die for.  Ingredients: 1 frozen pie crust, thawed 6 eggs 1 yellow bell pepper; washed and … Continue reading Ham and Broccoli Quiche