Ham and Broccoli Quiche

This quiche is perfect for brunch, and even for dinner. While its baking, the ham sits all along the bottom and all the fresh veggies rise to the top, leaving the middle a creamy egg delight that is to die for. 


1 frozen pie crust, thawed

6 eggs

1 yellow bell pepper; washed and seeded

1/4 cup broccoli; washed and diced small

1/4 cup ham; diced small

1 cup of milk

1/2 cup of half and half or heavy cream

1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg

1/2 tsp. rosemary

1/2 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp. thyme

pepper to taste


ham broccoli quihe 1
Ham and broccoli quiche for brunch, along with some taiyaki pancakes

Take a 13 1/2 inch glass pie dish and roll out the pie crust into the dish. Pressing it into the dish and making it even along the sides. Once the dough is formed in the dish, use a fork and poke holes into the dough all over. Preheat the oven to 425*F and bake the crust for 10-15 minutes, until lightly golden in color. Remove from the oven and let cool completely. 

In a medium bowl add the eggs,all the spices, milk, and half and half or heavy cream. Whisk  until well combined.

Wash and dice the broccoli, yellow pepper, and ham and add to the egg mixture. Pour into the par baked pie crust and bake 45-60 minutes, or until the egg is firm and cooked through. 

You can test it with a toothpick in the middle to see if it comes out clean, or gently shake the dish and when it stays firm its done baking. 

Let cool 15 minutes and serve. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below and happy cooking!

xoxo- Julie


Andouille Sausage with Okra Rice

Simple quality ingredients lead to big flavor.  One of my favorites to make for friends and family. Andouille sausage and okra are a great combination, paired with rice its filling, hearty, and makes great leftovers.

Yield: 4 servings


1 package andouille sausage (pre-cooked turkey or pork); sliced thin

1 cup rice (white, brown, wild, any kind you like)

1 cup okra (fresh, frozen, or canned)

 vegetable or chicken broth

2 tbsp. butter

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. paprika

Salt and pepper; to taste


Rinse the rice until the water runs clear to remove the starch. Cook per directions and use the chicken or vegetable broth to add more flavor. Set aside.

In a medium skillet, melt the butter, add okra, sausage, garlic powder, paprika, and sauté until cooked 3-5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve over rice and enjoy..

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and happy cooking!




Slow Cooker Shredded Pork Shoulder with Citrus and Adobo Chilies

When the seasons change and the weather turns colder, it’s the perfect time to break out my crock pot. Slow cooking is the way to go for making delicious recipes all season long.  You can make this pork for sliders, sandwiches, soups, and chilies.


5 lbs. pork shoulder 

1 yellow onion, cut in quarters or large dice

1 small head of garlic; peeled

3 adobo chilies

2 oranges; zested, then juiced

2 bay leaves

1 tbsp. oregano

2 tbsp. celery seed

3 cups water, or stock

pepper, to taste


Lightly season the outside of the pork with salt, pepper, oregano, and celery seed.

Place the pork shoulder in the slow cooker and add the water or stock. Wash, peel, and cut the onion to a large dice and add to the cooker. Peel the garlic and leave whole, and add to the cooker.

Add in the bay leaves.

Zest the orange and add the juice, give everything a stir and you’re done.

Cook on low for 8 hours.

Once the pork is cooked, it will be fork tender and easy to shred.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and happy cooking!


Black Forest Ham and Havarti Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Spinach

Layers of black forest ham, melted havarti cheese sprinkled with fresh spinach is melt in your mouth fantastic!

Yield: 1 sandwich


3 ounces deli black forest ham slices

2 slices of bread

2 slices of havarti cheese

1/4 cup fresh spinach 


Layer the bread with the havarti cheese and black forest ham.  Wash and pat dry the spinach and stack the leaves together and roll up. Slice into thin ribbons, a chiffonade cut, and sprinkle over the havarti.

In a medium sized pan, heat to medium high and lightly coat with olive oil. Grill the sandwich 1-2 minutes on each side until the bread is toasted, and the cheese is melted. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and happy cooking!