Almond Milk with Honey

Making your own almond milk is simple and tastes delicious. Its lightly sweetened with honey, and can be made in an afternoon.  I used honey for this recipe, you can also use maple syrup or agave. Yield: 3-5 cups Note: Once completed this will last 4-7 days. Ingredients: 1 cup raw almonds 4 cups water; … Continue reading Almond Milk with Honey

Almond and Apricot Granola

I absolutely love making granola and making it yourself is so simple and more cost-effective than buying it in the store. I love to make it on cool mornings, it warms up the house and makes my home smell wonderful. Granola is great for breakfast with milk, on top of yogurt, over poached fruit, and … Continue reading Almond and Apricot Granola