Shrimp Spring Rolls

This week I made spring rolls for some friends and family. I love the crunch you get from the  veggies and the fresh herbs in these rolls make this so delicious! Serve with a peanut sauce, teriyaki, or a sweet chili sauce. This makes a great appetizer before the main course. I also love to … Continue reading Shrimp Spring Rolls

Mung Bean Hummus with Lentils and Turmeric

If you’ve never had mung beans before, I suggest you try them. They have a wonderful earthy flavor and when paired with lentils in this recipe you’ll keep coming back for more. I use this recipe with raw vegetables, roasted vegetables, sandwiches and wraps. For this recipe, I suggest you to soak the lentils and … Continue reading Mung Bean Hummus with Lentils and Turmeric